Friday, January 28, 2011

Working at the Vet's Office

I went to work with my mom the other who is a Receptionist at a Vet's Office. I have Always had a Love for Animals like my mother, so I taged along that day to help out! I didn't relize that when my mom came home everyday saying how misserable she was because it was deppressing until the other day. It was really slow thaty day and only Me, my Mom and the youngest Vet there Dr. Ashley. I would handle the Labels and files while my mom and Dr. Ashley took care of the Animals. Alot of intresting people come into a vet's office......that's all I have to say about that! But anyways back to the subject, Later in the bday when we were close to closing time, a middle-aged man came in with a towel while my mom and the Dr. were in the back, he said " I need someone, I think it got laid on" and that's it! They all went to the back, accept the man I asked it what it was and he said a new born goat. The goat, hadnt gotten laid, but the mama of the goat never gave the baby it's milk, and it need's that to live, the goat didnt survive! I could never do this as a job and anyone who is a Vet I applaud you, you have a huge heart and are very strong!

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