Friday, January 21, 2011

The Carrie Inspiration!

I sit here thinking, every day I do this! I wonder to myself, “What do I do with my life?
  I love Photography, I do, but I also love to Cook, love Fashion, love Animal’s and love Giving! How can I possibly do all of this? I woke up at noon today, didn’t make my cup of coffee till about one thirty, watched a little Martha then turned on E! to find the Sex and the City Marathon. Carrie was pretty much doing the same thing as me except the whole Sex and the City part! Carrie woke up at noon, ate Chinese and wrote her column of the day! I realized, I love doing that! Writing my own story, making my own hour’s doing what I love without anyone but my two dog’s and cat to bother me, well until my mom and brother get home from there small town job’s, which, if you can’t tell yet, isn’t my life ambition! Maybe soon I’ll get to make my own source of income and get an apartment in an interesting city! Unlike Carrie I’m waiting for marriage! For now, I’m just going to do my Blog and figure out, just what I want in Life! Until then, Enjoy!

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